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ThunderRock Kamping
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Inside the camper, ready for the hunt...outside!

Whether it's small game like squirrels or rabbits, or going after that elusive whitetail, I like hunting & camping. Ruth has even joined me in the past 3 years afield. Some guys may snub at the idea of "the wife" going along, but more & more women have joined the ranks of hunters. My thought is, another set of eyes in the woods and as I kidded her, "where have you been all these years?" Here's a few assorted pictures to give you an idea.

michigan_fl_md.gifThumbnail=130 pixels

My first buck, a nice six-pointer

mysixpoint.jpgMedium=240 pixels

A nice grey squirrel mount

squirrel.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Black squirrel eating acorns

blacksquirrel.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Huge buck on the run (10pt?)

rec1.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Ruth w/shotgun, ready to go

huntingruth.jpgLarge=300 pixels

My deer, my car - 1997

deerontrunk2.jpgMedium=240 pixels


Me after a really rough day in the woods


Ruth awaits her first shot (not at me I hope!)

firstshot.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Who's gonna help me hang it?

deerontrunk.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Nice cottontail mount

rabbit.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Me in my treestand (is that a deer?)

kentreestand.jpgMedium=240 pixels

A primo buck in the tall grass, awaiting his next move

wtail-indian-buck9pts-rs-look.jpgLarge=300 pixels

rundeer.gifLarge=300 pixels