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ThunderRock Kamping
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Rockwood Layout & Ideas

Floorplan - 1940LTD


Queen-size bunk w/dinette on left

queenbunkanddinetteonleft.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Stove, full-size bunk and sink

fullbunkstoveandsink.jpgMedium=240 pixels

This is what I call my "hose helper". Keeps the kinks out of the incoming water line. Very useful little gadget.


Tacky lights on camper

tackylights.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Quik Shade dining canopy

kuhrkampkorner.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Set up in a hunting blind..Thetford's 155SL model Porta-Potti

thetfordinsideblind.jpgSmall=180 pixels

Not a mod, but two different places to hang paper towel



Collapsible containers used for garbage, empty cans, laundry, etc. Great addition!



Jackstand on front of trailer, taking place of the wheel


Battery box & single propane tank

tonguebattteryboxpropane.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Backend mount w/outdoor carpet

backend2of camper.jpgMedium=240 pixels

Here's a few pictures that we've incorporated into our camp. We naturally have the floorplan with pics of the full bunk & queen bunk. The dinette is on the side, making walk space a little bit more manageable.
Yes, we have tacky lights. QuikShade dining canopy is indispensable for comfortable dining; cool in warm weather & a good rain blocker.
Next, you'll notice our porta-potti for dry camping tucked away in a pop-up hunting blind (very convenient). The paper towel holders are just another way to keep things neat around the trailer; by utilizing the fold-over sink support arm inside & a bungee cord around the brackets of the canopy outside.
The jackstand on the front replaces the wheel and sits on a block to prevent the front end from sagging in sand or soft ground.
Another pic shows the tongue set-up with a battery box and single propane tank.
We carry our outdoor rug on the back of the camper, wrapped on a 7' 2x4 and held in place with rubber straps.


Our tow vehicle; '03 Chevy Silverado

kuhrkampkorner.jpgSmall=180 pixels

pinetre.gifSmall=180 pixels