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ThunderRock Kamping
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Popup Modifications

A Couple of Pics of The New Fix

New cement pad for parking trailer

The now-famous BAL Leveler in action

These are the overall modifications for the camper. First & foremost, a new cement pad was poured in the beginning of June, '02 to better accommodate the camper - beats the heck out of wolmanized wood boards & mud I used to put up with. 
The ever-popular BAL leveler was added in early '03 for piece of mind and constant recommendations - great investment!
A spice rack installed on one of the doors was long overdue.
The child safety locks (even though we don't have kids), were installed to ensure the doors wouldn't fly open during travel, making a mess of everything that came out.
Had an idea for the porta-potti; milk crate & bottom of potti line up perfectly for some more height - aahhh, much better!! Ruth always hated the one-handed sink pump, so we got an electric pump installed with a new set of faucets to boot! Come to find out for 2002, Rockwood installed electric pumps on all their campers. My life story; a day late & a dollar short!!
Installed hinges on the storage boxes below the dinette seats, also. Just a pet peeve of mine to have done. One more thing added over the hinge was a piece of duct tape to prevent tearing of the seat cushion. Oh yeah, almost forgot the combo light/2-speed fan combo for the bunkend..a welcome addition!
A mod I over-looked from last year was the box-in of cabinet space under the swing-down galley. Seems the "stuff" would always be exposed & loose when we folded down. I boxed in the area, thus leaving everything INSIDE the cabinet. The BAL Leveler was mounted with a rubber bungee strap to the rear tire; also used some carpet padding behind it as to not scratch the camper body. "Hon, where's the roof handle?" Now mounted inside of cabinet just inside camper door. Just used c-style (broom) clamps. Another 10 minute quick-fix. By purchasing a fiberglass 8' extension pole (7' width on the trailer), we can now use the space for two hanging shelves, towels and washcloths. Since the thickness of the pole on either end varies, a round doorstop w/adhesive backing was used to keep the pole attached on one end and a crutch tip fit snug on the other end.

Spice Rack Installed On Door

Child-safety Locks to Keep The Doors Closed During Travel

Shurflo Faucet Pump


Porta potti w/milk crate for better height

New Faucet Installation - Instead of "One-Handed" Pump

Hinges On Storage Boxes Below Dinette Seats

The bunkend light/fan combo

Open space under swing-down galley

Boxed-in bottom of cabinet

Finished boxed-in cabinet

BAL Leveler mounted behind tire

Roof Handle mounted inside door

Rod in collapsed position

Extension Pole Mod 2

Doorstop on left; crutch tip on right

Shelves shown outside of camper for ease of viewing

Extension Pole Mod